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Shakespeare’s Fools
A one-man Shakespeare production highlighting some of the most intelligent characters in English literature…The FOOLS! Alone on stage, without props or costumes, performing some of Shakespeare’s most striking comedic (and some dramatic) monologues…From the tragic Macbeth to the charming Romeo and Juliet, demonstrating the incredible universality of Shakespeare’s plays with wit and humor, offering a discourse on some of the greatest literary works of all time.


The Parable Man …

A contemporary, Christian comedy for the whole family!

About the Show:

A “Contemporary Christian Comedy!” Damian Gillen AKA: “The Parable Man” tours throughout Texas presenting earthly stories with heavenly meanings. A contemporary and hilarious re-telling of some of the parables of Jesus. A fun, yet powerful one-man evangelization and entertainment tool for Churches, Vacation Bible Schools, Church Camps, Prison Ministries, parishes, dinner theatre, conferences and conventions. Provides inspiration, education and motivation; which are vital aspects to retreats, rallies and other special events. Dinner Theater FUNdraising performances are available.

We challenge our contemporary culture with professional quality, family-friendly, Christian-based theater!!!


“For a second time in two months, Damian entertained our church family with his exceptional ability to make us laugh. “The Parable Man” is a collection of some of the great Biblical lessons, and he tells them cleverly
with a mixture of humor and sensitivity that shows his audience that he believes in the lessons taught by Jesus Christ. Damian’s comedy is refreshing and fun, and we look forward to seeing him again.” –Gwen Michal -Blanco United Methodist Church

“Thank you for a delightful night’s entertainment. I am sending you two photos.We traveled from George West, TX in Live Oak County to see the show and enjoy the service at Little Italy. It was a great experience. What a tribute to God to use your gifts to honor Him with wit and wisdom.” –Crickett